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Tulsa Community College Campus Master Plans

Downtown Campus Redevelopment Plan

TCC Campus Development Plan

Tulsa Community College Campus Master Plans

As Director of Planning for Matrix Architects Engineers and Planners, I directed the preparation of Master Plans for each of the four campuses of Tulsa Community College. Each campus possessed it’s own unique characteristics from the urban downtown campus, the Northeast campus, the suburban Southeast campus and the almost rural setting of the West campus.

The most significant outcome of this effort came at the downtown campus, the colleges original campus. Previous plans showed the college continuing its development to the south along Cincinnati Street. Moving in this direction would have taken the campus away from the core of the downtown area. The College also owned property directly across Boston Street from the main campus building and to the north across 9th Street. At this same time the new Center for Creativity was under design, and working together with the architects for this new building it became very apparent that the most appropriate location for this new building was across Boston from the main building. In doing so, the intersection of 9th and Boston could begin to take on the form of campus square and all new redevelopment would be to the north. This also began to reframe to urban streetscape of the Boston Corridor anchored on the north by the BOK Tower and on the south by the Art Deco Boston Avenue Methodist Church.

Client: Tulsa Community College
Contact: Ms. Mina Lotti